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Over the years, I’ve personally had the opportunity to work with many different contractors in various areas of our industry. Premium Concrete is one that stands out in my mind for many reasons. I’ve always found Premium’s field and office staff to be well-trained, highly professional, and most importantly true team players on any project we’ve worked on together. But to me, what’s most important is that I know and trust that they’ve always had our clients' best interest in mind, and that’s what we want in a subcontractor. Whether it was an extremely aggressive schedule, varying weather conditions, or just a highly complex project, Premium came with ideas and a can-do attitude that our team, as well as our clients, recognized. I’m grateful for the relationship we’ve developed with Premium Concrete. They are without question a partner we can count on.

Mike T. Leopardo

President CEO of Leopardo Companies 

Premium Concrete goes above and beyond on the detailed work they perform, which helps execute a great finished product. Their immediate response to project requirements is extraordinary. Premium is great at working with demanding schedules, and they prepare project plans in advance to meet any deadline we need.

Tony J. Riccardi

Vice President of William A. Randolph Inc.

Premium Concrete is a concrete contractor that has the ability to handle flat work, detail foundation work and heavy structural concrete work where most other concrete companies may want to stay within a specific specialty area such as flat work and trench foundations. Premium Concrete can handle all and they provide competitive pricing.

Kurt A. Irelan

Senior Project Manager at FCL Builders

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